The creative process 2

Or perhaps this explains it better.

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20 Responses to “The creative process 2”

  1. Charisse Says:

    is porn included in random internet surfing? it has its own category for me. :/

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah, excellent point. Although, that also goes under inspiration for me.

  3. Glynes Says:

    As I head into the insanity of ScriptFrenzy, and try to write a 100-page stage play script in 30 days, I think this is a disturbingly accurate picture of what April is going to be like for me!

  4. Quantenphysiker Says:

    thats amazing! I think it fits perfectly for everyone working on the internet! Amazing stuff!

  5. Rachael Says:

    Ha fabulous post…I can definitely agree with all of the above!!

  6. Stephen Says:

    I believe you mean binge drinking.

  7. DevonButler Says:

    looks about right. haha

  8. Gunaxin Links Says:

    The Creative Process…

    This article has been featured on Gunaxin Links…

  9. Cheryn Says:

    This is damn accurate too..
    I can really relate to your blog!

    I Can’t Sew

  10. thesamesky Says:

    This is exactly how my dissertation is being written at this moment.

  11. Megan Says:

    Woah, accurate entirely.

  12. CoincidentalStumble Says:

    I am the orange section right now hahaha.

  13. me Says:

    binge eating should be changed to binge ______

  14. Yogibur Says:

    omfg, its really true!

  15. Em Says:

    I stumbled upon this after taking a nap, while randomly searching the internet looking for inspiration 😛

  16. Oscar Windsor-Smith Says:

    Damn you, sir, your witticism has robbed me of a large proportion of my creative time and working time. I’ve lost weight due to encroachment into my binge eating time and I haven’t had a wink of sleep all afternoon. Damn you, sir! What’s more I’ve misplaced my glasses and can’t make head or tail of your picture of a volcano seen through a porthole. Damn you, sir!

    😉 scar

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