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13 Responses to “Signatures”

  1. e cig Says:

    HAHAHA that is hilarious.

  2. Mohan Arun L (@marun2 on Twitter) Says:

    Luckily email sigs are not automatically made location-aware!

  3. Brick Says:

    So true.

  4. tvspy Says:

    ewww that’s gross but probably true.

  5. Outdoors2 Says:

    Uhmm ok This is a Toilet Tweet!

  6. Lujan Says:

    yup..been there, done that! Muti-tasking is in the now!

  7. Fayetteville Wedding Video Says:

    At least they weren’t pooping AND driving.

  8. sergi bosch Says:

    that’d be me!

  9. Herr Olsen Says:

    Wrote this comment while pooping.

  10. Bryson Gilreath Says:

    Hahahaha same as Mr. Olsen

  11. Andy Says:

    Wrote this while wiping.

  12. Angelica Says:

    Damn Andy, talk about multitasking.

  13. Frank Jovine Says:

    Hilarious and indeed honest!

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