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12 Responses to “Truth”

  1. Snatchcan Says:

    Good Jebus! A new comic. Oh, the world is wonderful again!

  2. admin Says:

    Ha. Thanks.

  3. admin Says:

    Ha. Thanks!

  4. Cranston Bullworth Monowillingford Says:

    More. I want MORE

  5. Keith Says:

    Bring The Nut back!

  6. Marco Son of Luis Says:

    Subscribed to these a while back. Just rediscovered whilst sifting through my Google Reader. Good stuff man. Look forward to your next comic.

  7. Snatchcan Says:

    More comics dude!

  8. Pantsless Says:

    My RSS feed glows with pure sex whenever you make new comics.

    Keep at it please

  9. admin Says:

    Aw, thanks! A few new ones coming your way this week.

  10. admin Says:

    Thanks!!!! More coming at you.

  11. Hairy Says:

    And he’s back! Missed your comics man 🙂

  12. admin Says:

    Thank you, sir!

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